4 Reasons for the Rising Popularity of Electric Scooters

4 Reasons for the Rising Popularity of Electric Scooters

While almost everyone can remember the childhood kick scooter, the scooter revolution has come a long way. Considerable improvement and reinvention have given rise to what is today called the electric scooters.

You can see them in many cities of the world, especially those where the law has been quick to regulate their usage, and the citizens also ready to embrace them.

In the scooter industry, the rental services brands have been making most of the noise. However, there is now a wide range of personal e-scooters in the market. But why the quick rise of electric scooter usage globally?

1. It’s the best-fit for short journeys
Today, more than half of all the journeys made within cities are less than 5 miles, with 70% of those short-distance trips being made by car. Because e-scooters are ideal for short movement, they complement other forms of transport, making them the perfect vehicle for going around.

Except for those who live right outside their nearest bus stop, subway, or train station, we all usually have a little distance to travel. If this distance is a long one, then a trip on foot can seem far from appealing. But the e-scooter is readily available and has a sensible range. Thus, it's fast becoming a popular transportation option among commuters.

2. It's good for our environment
Going for the usage of electric scooters is an excellent way of reducing our carbon footprint.

It's evident that riding an electric scooter only accounts for 1-2% of the average car emissions. Also, on average, a car is 100 times heavier than an e-scooter. It means that it takes more energy to produce a car. Also, while on the road, it takes more energy to drive a car.
The fact that more cities across the world are beginning to enforce zero-emission zones is also creating more room for the use of e-scooters. It'll be safe to predict that in the future, these practical devices may turn out to be among the only ways to move around quickly in overcrowded areas.

3. It’s convenient and hassle-free
While e-scooters aren't faster than cars on the open road, urban roads are rarely clear. So, a scooter makes it possible to beat traffic by quickly weaving around people and other vehicles.

What's more, no matter how the trip goes, you won't have to worry about getting to your destination sweaty, because no pedaling is required.

The fact that electric scooters are portable is another feature that is increasing its popularity today. For those whose workplaces are far away and just need to catch a bus or subway, they can comfortably fold and carry their scooters along with them – unlike e-bikes, which are heavier and are harder to store.

You can stow a personal e-scooter compactly in the corner of your office, underneath your desk or in your home. Being able to take your scooter with you anywhere you're going also helps to solve the problems of theft or vandalism that's associated with bikes.

4. It’s a blend of smartness, style, and nostalgia for many
While everyone won't agree that standing on an e-scooter ride platform ever look cool, the practical device has seemed to have become popular because they are a smart, stylish, and fun way to move around. We are still in the beginning days of its development, so the most elegant designs are likely yet to come, but so far, there are loads of unique and varied designs and sizes on the market – so you're sure to find a style that suits your personality.

How about the nostalgic feeling? Most of us are familiar with kick scooters from our childhood days. Riding the electric version fills us with nostalgia. For the new rider, e-scooters are a lot easier to learn than motorbikes, skateboards, and bikes. As for those who have used a kick scooter in their childhood days, they will find riding the electric version comfortable and intuitive.

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