6 Important Tips for Taking Care of Your Electric Scooter

Hey there, here are six essential tips for looking after your new e-scooter

It’s an exciting experience to ride your electric scooter for the first time. That feeling that you can now jump on it anytime and use it for whatever you planned, the fun and the value it can add to your life! But beyond all of these, I’m sure you want your new mobility investment to perform and run as best as it can.

Here are six helpful tips that we put together to help you look after your e-scooter properly right from the first day.

1.  Do the set-up carefully 

Upon receiving your new electric scooter, don’t be too quick to get it out of the box for a ride without spending some time to make sure you follow the set-up instructions correctly.

E-scooters are delivered partially assembled. But the instructions manual will leave you with some set-up to do. These could range from attaching handlebars to fastening bolts correctly. Also, you need to ensure that you fully charge the battery. All these are well worth the time and carefulness so that you can enjoy your e-scooter as quickly as possible.

2.  Maintain a habit of fully charging your battery from the first day

As we mentioned, you must pay careful attention to your e-scooter battery from day one. We recommend that you should fully charge the battery in the first charge before use. After this, try always to maintain the battery-charge regularly to get longer-term battery life.

While you don’t need to charge each time after use, consider charging your battery at the end of each day, even if it’s not fully discharged. Doing so will help retain as much of the battery’s capacity throughout its lifetime, reducing the likelihood of needing to replace it sooner.

3.  Maintain good tire pressures 

Like the batteries, your tires are essential as they serve as the only contact patch between you and the ground. E-scooters come in two types of tires. There’re solid tires that don’t need your attention. However, some come with air-filled tires. If this is what you have or planned to buy, pay attention to maintaining the tire pressure periodically. Ensure that you pump up your tires to recommended pressures. Doing this comes with several benefits like greater puncture resistance, optimal grip, and potentially more extended range.

4.  Periodically check for brake wear 

If your e-scooter has disc brakes, it’s quite a simple job to check for excess wear. You should look out for signs of excess grinding on the brake rotor, as well as thinning of brake pads (if they’re visible), which can indicate that your brake pads have worn down and need replacing.

You may also hear a metallic rubbing or grinding noise when you apply the brakes on the move, indicating that your brake surfaces could need cleaning or replacing. If you notice one of these signs, your brakes may need servicing.

5.  Wipe it clean often

Don’t you want to have a clean scooter? Although many e-scooters are not designed to be ridden in the rain or on muddy surfaces, it always pays to clean yours periodically to prevent the build up of dust, dirt, and grime.

Also, long-term exposure to dust can lead to excess wear on parts, joints, and seals. Ensuring that you regularly wipe your e-scooter with a damp cloth can help keep it in the best condition possible. 

Note: don’t use excess water to wash your e-scooter because this risks water ingress and voiding of the warranty if it doesn’t cover wet conditions. 

6.  Book in for e-scooter service regularly

An e-scooter is like any mechanical device that’s subject to wear and tear, so we advise that you book it in for a maintenance service every six months, which will help keep on top of larger maintenance issues. These services should be carried out by product specialists to ensure that you get your e-scooter back in perfect working order. 

You’ll be able to check your e-scooter in with our soon-to-open service centers across the country.


We hope you’ll love your new e-scooter. Enjoy!

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