How Can You Choose The Best E-Scooter For You?
How Can You Choose The Best E-Scooter For You?

Buying an E-Scooter can be very challenging, as you basically have to choose from hundreds of different models. With that in mind, the idea is to understand what you are looking for and to not rush your decisions. If you pay enough attention and you focus on getting the best outcome, nothing will stand in your way. With that in mind, all you need is to make the right choice and the payoff can be huge for sure.
Supported Range
Some E-Scooters support 20kms per charge, others 30-45kms and so on. The idea is that you want to opt for the E-Scooter with the best battery life you can afford. It’s not ok to end up without any battery life on the middle of the road, so make sure that you know the supported distances and you should also be ready to charge it at your destination too.
Since you will be using the E-Scooter often, you want it to be very comfortable. Make sure that the handlebars are adjustable and that it’s suitable for your height too. You will like the experience and enjoy it a lot more if you’re comfortable all the time.
Tyre Size
Ideally you want the E-Scooter tyres to be around 8-9 inches. Smaller tyres might sound ok, but they are not that great for higher speeds, and they also wear off a lot easier. Which is why the larger tyres are a great option, and you should totally keep that in mind.
We all want to have an E-Scooter with very high speeds and which accelerates super fast. The model you should choose is based on the roads you need to travel and their quality. If your roads are gravel based or they are full of bumps, you don’t need high speeds. So you should purchase the E-Scooter according to road quality and whether you really need a fast E-Scooter or not.
Charging Time
Some E-Scooters will take 10 hours to charge. Others will take only 5 hours or up to 7 hours. You are free to choose whatever model suits your needs. But obviously a faster charging experience is better for everyone. So it makes a lot of sense to avoid rushing and pick the model that suits your requirements.
A heavier E-Scooter will end up not being that portable or easy to use. What we recommend you is to make sure that you can lift the E-Scooter and that it’s portable. It’s a much better idea to have a portable unit, so try to use that as an advantage if possible. Take your time with this and the payoff can be very good in the end.

It’s always important to know what you are getting into when it comes to E-Scooters. These criteria will make it a lot easier to choose the best E-Scooter for you. Just make sure that you avoid rushing and you pick the best model according to your budget. It will be a much better idea to go for the highest quality, and the payoff will be great all the time due to that!

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  • Jamie Raumati On

    I have purchased eRYD scooters for myself and my family. My experience with the customer service was awesome they even gave me 2 free bags, 2 helmets and a free demonstration on how to use & maintain the scooters. I would recommend this to anyone:) Thank you eRYD.

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