Micro Mobility In A Post-Pandemic Society

Micro Mobility in a Post-Pandemic Society—what does the future hold?

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Today, we shall be looking at the future of intracity transportation in the face of past global concerns and the present coronavirus. With micro mobility being the key word, let’s start by sharing few words on what the concept is about.

What is Micro-Mobility?

Micro Mobility involves the use of portable, shareable rides to make short journeys. It refers to any transport that sits alongside bicycles and uses bike space in new and different ways.

In cities all over the world, there have been ongoing changes in busy urban areas that will enable people to better connect with public transport, meaning less reliance on traditional cars.

Also, before the present global pandemic, there’s been an increase in the use of light vehicles. The use of electric scooters, skateboards, and shared dockless bicycles has been on the rise in cities across the world. Businesses and people are embracing the transformation in travel for commuting to work, visiting friends, or going shopping.

What are the benefits of micro-mobility?

For riders, micro-mobility makes journeys both seamless and cost-effective while also making places more accessible. Other benefits include cleaner cities, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and less congestion of roads.

Rising need for micro mobility in cities around the world

In the present, issues intrinsically linked to cars have tainted the image of our cities – poor air quality, high noise levels, congestion on inner-city roads and highways, and poor walkability due to maximized car space (especially in sprawling suburban areas).
As a result, many cities and governments are welcoming this new era of transportation, acknowledging its potential to help reduce congestion and emissions and improve air quality while enabling better access to public transport.

A Solution for the future

Having more users of electric scooters and other forms of micro-mobility can translate into lower usage of ride-hailing and less overall car usage. As it has done in Amsterdam – a once typical car-dominated city, now transformed into the world’s cycling capital – it shows people’s habits can change if governments create the appropriate infrastructure.

Within the infrastructure being proposed and developed in different parts of the world, micro-mobility solutions such as e-scooters and e-bikes could fit perfectly and help replace about 70% of the short urban journeys being taken today by cars emitting greenhouse gas.

Will the transition be possible?

More and more cities are giving attention to the negative impact of cars on their urban landscape, and beginning to understand the need to redesign their spaces for the benefit of their inhabitants. Ultimately, these greener means of transport may become the only acceptable ways to travel in cities in the near future.

After the lockdown?

During COVID-19 in the Nordics, travel patterns are already reflecting the need for micro-mobility. There is a rising demand for micro-mobility and rideshares in the outskirts of Stockholm. Also, users in Oslo are, on average, going for longer rides than ever before, making use of the already existing biking infrastructure.
Now, looking ahead to the next few weeks, countries and cities are incrementally opening up, and people will need to move again. Critical social distancing means that mass public transportation is still not recommended. But, by having e-scooters and bikes out in the streets again, greener models than ever before and improved infrastructure, the chance of moving cities in a more sustainable future is more significant than ever.

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